Parents & Family eNews: Spring 2011

Dear Fellow SF State Parents & Family Members,

On behalf of the Parents Council, I am pleased to be able to present you with the Fall 2012 edition of the SF State Parents & Family Program eNews. It is our hope that this newsletter helps fulfill a key goal of the SF State Parents Council, which is to provide parents and families with timely campus updates. As a parent of a sophomore, and the founding president of the SF State Parents Council, I encourage you to become involved in your child’s educational experience. By reading a wide range of articles included in the eNews, you'll be able to find an opportunity to participate in the SF State experience.


SF State Continues to Feel Pressure of Proposed Budget Cuts

All Californians are feeling the pinch of our tough economic times and San Francisco State is not exempt. We want to keep you informed about the situation and let you know how we are ensuring that our budget decisions reflect our commitment to serve students.

Volunteers Needed for Sneak Preview Day

There are a number of ways to actively engage with SF State. Our annual campus open-house, Sneak Preview Day, is coming up on Saturday, April 9, 2011, and parents and family members of current students who would like to volunteer to staff a casual reception for two hours to welcome future SF State parents and family members should contact the Parents & Family Program by Friday, April 1, 2011 with an e-mail to

A special thank you goes out to Mary Williams, Beth Brotz, Billie Weinstein, Lynnda Shepherd, Fran Pillersdorf and Lorraine Cross who assisted Student Outreach Services at the annual Pre-Admission Receptions in Southern California by answering questions from parents and family members of students who will be attending SF State this year when the fall semester begins. Also, we thank Cecili Crocker, who volunteered at the Sea Lion Bowl science and math competitions hosted by the SF State's Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies.

April is Advising Time for Freshmen and Sophomore Students

While students are thinking about midterms and spring recess, they also need to think about Fall Early Priority Registration, coming up in early May. E-mails will go out reminding freshmen and sophomore students to schedule an advising appointment before beginning their registration.

Early Priority Registration doesn't require early fee payments, but for parents and family members who require advance planning, tuition for fall semester will be posted at the Bursar's website by April 18. Tuition payments will be due in July, before Final Priority Registration.

University Housing Information for Family Members

Recently updated housing information for family members of students living on or off-campus is available online. This is a great resource for you to get to know what's happening in your student's college experience with on-campus housing, and it features articles of interest for parents and family members of students living off-campus about campus technnology, financial aid, and apartments at University Park. Read updated information about end of the year closing dates, community events, and financial resources to stay informed.

SF State is #1 in the California State University for Student Applications to the CSU International Study Abroad Programs

Once again, SF State was ranked #1 among the 23 CSU campuses for the number of applicants to the CSU system-wide study abroad programs (CSU International Programs) for the academic year 2011-12.

195 applications were received at SF State for these state-funded study abroad programs. The CSU campus which was closest at #2 was Sonoma State University with 92 student applications.

Interest in the certified study abroad programs continues to rise as students find that, in many locations, the cost of the program is cheaper than staying at SF State, and, also, with priority registration on most overseas programs, quicker progress can be made toward degree goals through an overseas study program.

SF State is Major Recipient of French Government Teaching Assistantships for Students Studying in Paris

We are pleased to announce that SF State received a full quarter of the special teaching assistantships which are allocated to the University of Paris by the French Ministry of Education for the academic year 2011-12. These prestigious assistantship positions are usually awarded through international competition and through the U.S. government's Fulbright Program. However, a number are reserved for French universities to serve as a means to attract the best international students. The teaching assistantships require a commitment of 10-12 hours per week teaching English in French high schools or junior high schools. Students are well remunerated for these efforts and receive approximately $14,000 in salary and benefits (including Social Security and health insurance). Out of the 30 teaching assistantships assigned to the University of Paris, SF State students received eight. Congratulations to the following recipients: Araceli Aguirre (French), Max Moro (BECA), Jennifer Porter (Sociology), Selene Scotton (International Relations), Emily Steffensen (International Relations), Serena Tianero (French), Brandon Welch (History), and Jeremy Williams (International Business).

Study abroad is possible and accessible financially, and SF State students are highly competitive on a national and international basis. In total, $112,000 in scholarships and financial assistance to our Paris-bound students has been allocated for next year.

Ideas on Helping Your Student Reduce College Expenses

To help a student with college expenses, parents and family members can take advantage of the the OneCard guest deposit feature. The official SF State University ID card is called the OneCard, and it's used not only to gain access to the Library, residential communities, computer labs, and gym facilities, but to pay for on-campus purchases at the campus bookstore, for photocopies in the library, meals at the dining center, groceries from the Village Market, vending machines, and more. In order to use this feature, you need only deposit money to your student's BayBucks and/or Gator Dollar account.

When you enroll your student in the SFSU Bookstore's Gator Rewards Club for weekly discount updates, they'll save more. By the way, special merchandise and gifts for family members are available for online purchase. Since 100% of the SFSU Bookstore surpluses are donated back to the University, "What's Spent On Campus, Stays On Campus."

We want you to be involved in the life of SF State. If it's the first time you're hearing about SF State Parents & Family Program, be sure to register with us at We invite you to join “sfstateparents” on Yahoo!® Groups at Log on now and complete a quick poll to tell us about your area of interest. For more details contact Parent & Family Program at (415) 338-2217 or


We have included several articles for you to read more about the outstanding achievements and recognition received by SF State faculty, students, and alumni at SF State in the News, including the following articles:

  • Alumni do "all right" at Golden Globes and Oscars
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  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics Federico Ardila named top scholar nationally [read more]
  • Student Enrichment Opportunities featured on CBS Sunday Morning [read more]

For Spring Recess and other holiday schedules, take a look at our University Calendar.

For Fall, Winter, and Spring Recess and other holiday schedules, take a look at the University Calendar. A recent parent update from University Housing includes other important dates for students living on-campus.

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Janice Herwegh Gumas
SF State Parents Council