Parents & Family eNews: Fall 2012

Dear Fellow SF State Parents & Family Members,

On behalf of the Parents Council, I am pleased to be able to present you with the Fall 2012 edition of the SF State Parents & Family Program eNews. It is our hope that this newsletter helps fulfill a key goal of the SF State Parents Council, which is to provide parents and families with timely campus updates. As a parent of a sophomore, and the founding president of the SF State Parents Council, I encourage you to become involved in your child’s educational experience. By reading a wide range of articles included in the eNews, you'll be able to find an opportunity to participate in the SF State experience.


Freshmen Advising Tips from "Joe TheAdvisor"

Remember several tasks assigned to you by Joe Benjamin, academic counselor of the Undergraduate Advising Center to help your students out in their first year in college? Here's a recap...

  • E-mail your student at their SF State account directly, and wait for a response. If they don't get your message, they aren't getting ours either!
  • Teach them how to wash their own clothes, and use the correct type of soap! Too many times students ruin their clothes or the washing machines.
  • Teach them about financial planning and set up a joint and "safe" credit card account. At this time, we don't have anything that addresses this topic specifically, but a credit score is almost more important than GPA in the job market!
  • Teach them how to shop for their own groceries and cook without fear of burning down the campus community.
  • If you want to check on grades, etc., ask your student for online access information. It is entirely dependent upon the agreement between you and your student.
  • Remind your students about getting follow-up advising for next semester. This past summer, Joe mentioned that there will be a broadcast e-mail notice that all freshmen students will have an online "mandatory advising" workshop to clear a registration hold for Spring 2013. Well, that requirement has been eliminated, so, students should seek advising on their own initiative and should do so early, because everyone waiting until the absolute last minute might be waiting the longest.

There are several advising opportunities that are designed specifically for this year's freshmen class, so please direct your student to the following website:

Help Recent Alumni and Graduating Students with Off-Campus Job Placement

Are you aware of any job openings that you may be willing to speak to a young alum or a graduating student about for advice? As part of the SF State community, you can be a critical bridge to success for graduating students and young alumni by assisting them in finding jobs related to their field of study. Simply share with us a job announcement that you wouldn’t mind talking to a Gator about over a quick cup of coffee or during a short telephone conversation, and it will be put in the job binder at the Career Center exclusively available to students and alumni. You can print and fax the job announcement with your full name and preferred contact information to Senem Ozer, associate director, Alumni Association at (415) 338-0918. 

Also, National Job Shadow Day is coming up on Friday, February 1, 2013, and interested parents and family members are encouraged to sign up to volunteer through the Parents Council at

If you know of any human resources professionals or job placement agencies looking to hire, please share with them instructions to post job openings directly at to reach a broader community of exceptional alumni with many years of experience who may be interested in a career advancement or redirection.

Plan Ahead for Study Abroad

Parents may not know that SF State leads the nation with its international initiatives and study abroad program. SF State was recently honored with the Simon Award for Campus Internationalization (, the highest honor in this area. This award recognizes the work SF State has done to make study abroad an affordable and integrated opportunity for all SF State students. In addition, SF State holds the number two spot for participation in long term study abroad programs at comprehensive universities. We have achieved this status by designing our programs to be low cost and academically aligned. On SF State study abroad,  students pay the same tuition, access all financial aid, earn SF State resident credit, and make progress on major coursework with program assistance throughout the process. Still, many students miss out on study abroad because they learn about the opportunities too late. We recently added a section to our website ( to help parents work with their students to plan for study abroad and hope that you will take advantage of this resource. With programs for every major and a network of over 120 partners in 28 countries there has never been a better time for SF State students to participate in study abroad. 

Men's Cross Country Team Heading to Nationals

The San Francisco State men's country squad posted a fourth-place finish at the 2012 NCAA Division II West Regional Championships. With these results, SF State earned its first-ever berth as a team in the NCAA Division II Cross Country Championships, scheduled for Saturday, November 17, 2012 in Joplin, Missouri. Read more at

On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities

Students play an integral role in the success of our Residential Life program at SF State, and the process of recruiting and hiring student staff for the 2013-2014 academic year has begun. Residential Life offers a variety of student staff positions, and goes through a rigorous process to recruit and hire staff committed to supporting their peers in making the most of the college experience at SF State. Community builders, leaders, advisors and friends are all words that can be used to describe the Residential Life student staff. 
Information about these positions, applications, and important deadlines for this process can be found on the Residential Life website under Employment Opportunities at, and you may contact for specific questions. Residential Life looks forward to hearing from your SF State student soon! 

Celebrate International Education Week

For the past 12 years, San Francisco State University has celebrated International Education Week (IEW), an international event that emphasizes the importance of increasing knowledge and awareness of the world’s cultures, peoples and languages.  Coordinated by the SF State Division of International Education and the Office of International Programs, this year’s annual celebration takes place from Tuesday, November 13 – Friday, November 16, 2012 and promises to be equally exciting as past years’ commemorations. 
International Education Week is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. State Department.  IEW was inaugurated by President Bill Clinton in 2000, and today is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world.  The main purpose of IEW is to celebrate the importance and benefits of international education in the United States and around the world.  This annual event also aims to promote international understanding and build support for international educational exchange by encouraging the development of programs that prepare Americans to live and work in a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study in the United States. 
San Francisco State University plans to celebrate by hosting a wide variety of events throughout the campus community including Chinese Culture Day, CultureFest, Diplomat Day, a three-day Cultural Food Festival, international lunches at our Vista Room, international dinners at the City Eats Dining Center, an OIP Open House, and various open classrooms, symposia, lectures and other activities.
For more details about IEW 2012 along with a complete listing of all campus-wide activities and events, please be sure to visit
We hope that you will be able to attend some of the many interesting and exciting events that we have scheduled as part of this year’s celebration!

Success of the On-Campus Voter Registration Drive & Budget Update

The 2012 election is complete, and more than 4,000 new voters registered at San Francisco State University. California’s students voted in record numbers.  No matter the outcome in particular races, our students, faculty and staff were engaged in the democratic process and we are building upon our legacy of political and community involvement.
Results are in and the School and Local Public Safety Protection Act (Proposition 30) has passed.  This means that the California State University (CSU) system will avoid a $250 million mid-year trigger cut and it will enable the CSU to rescind a $249 per semester fee increase that began this fall.  State funding for the CSU remains $1 billion less than it was a few years ago, but the passage of Prop. 30 gives some tuition relief to our students and lets our legislators know that Californians support investment in public education. 
Whether you supported Prop. 30 or not, we thank parents and family members for your support of public higher education and San Francisco State University.  In January, the governor will make his initial proposal for the 2013-2014 California budget and your continued support plays a critical role in making the CSU a top state priority.  We hope that you will continue to encourage your elected officials to reinvest in public higher education.  You can send messages anytime by going to

It's Basketball Season: SF State Gators Strong Play against Cal Bears at Haas Pavilion

Playing in their second and final exhibition game of the 2012-13 season, the visiting SF State Gators stayed strong with the Cal Golden Bears, losing just 89-80 before 4,840 fans at UC Berkeley's Haas Pavilion. The 2012-13 SF State Gators' men's basketball team will open up their regular season with a pair of games at the Ron Logsdon Basketball Classic at Sonoma State University. SF State will face Dominican University on Friday, November 16, 2012, and Minnesota State University on Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. at the Wolves' Den in Rohnert Park, CA. The 2012-13 SF State women's basketball team will begin their regular season this week with a pair of non-conference games against Holy Names University and University of Nebraska-Kearney. Read more at

Preparing for Fall and Winter Recess

Each year our students prepare to pack up and head “home” for the Fall and Winter Recess at SF State. Here are the dates that the residential communities close and open for the upcoming breaks:

Fall Recess

  • All communities will remain open during the Fall Recess, Friday, November 16th through Sunday, November 25th.
  • Dining Hours
    • Friday, November 16th: Café in the Park is open, Dining Center is on a regular schedule
    • All Dining Facilities: Closed on Saturday, November 17th thru Sunday, November 25th
    • Dining Center reopens for Breakfast on Monday, November 26th for Breakfast

Winter Recess

  • Mary Park Hall, Mary Ward Hall, and the Science and Technology Theme Community will close on Saturday, December 22nd at 8 p.m. 
  • Towers at Centennial Square, Village at Centennial Square, University Park North and University Park South will remain open during the entire break.  
  • The entire community will reopen on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 10 a.m. 
  • Dining Hours
    • Saturday, December 22nd: Open for Brunch 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    • All Dining Facilities: Closed on Sunday, December 23rd  thru Friday, January 25th
    • Dining Center reopens for Brunch on Saturday, January 26th 
    • Café in the Park and Bricks reopen Monday, January 28th 


We have included several articles for you to read more about the outstanding achievements and recognition received by SF State faculty, students, and alumni at SF State in the News, including the following articles:

For Fall, Winter, and Spring Recess and other holiday schedules, take a look at the University Calendar. A recent parent update from University Housing includes other important dates for students living on-campus.

I look forward to connecting with all of you via the Parents Council Facebook page at To join the Parents Council, sign-up to volunteer or look out for e-mail alerts to advocate on behalf of SF State in your e-mail inbox and take action.



Janice Herwegh Gumas
SF State Parents Council